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Taz - His Story

Taz arrived at Beds for Bullies in August 2022 from Swale Borough Council where he had been picked up as a stray. Taz was believed to be two years old at the time and it is unknown what trauma he has been through and he was exhibiting some of the most severe aggression they had ever seen and had been known to have bitten, and if given the opportunity would bite again. Unfortunately Swale Borough Council did not have the resources to rehabilitate him and reached out to find him a suitable place where this could be done. Liz Haslam offered Taz a space for rehabilitation.

Taz has a kennel with his own outside space. He is very complex and it has taken some time for him to start trusting people. He is now noticeably more calmer with people he has regular contact with, however he is still very people aggressive and unpredictable. Taz will come when called and sit for treats fed by hand. His progress is slow and he still has a long road ahead of him, but he is going in the right direction. Liz will continue to work with Taz and keep him moving in the right direction.


PUPDATE October 2023 Taz is getting more comfortable with leaving your hands near him after giving him treats, (previously he would revert to being reactive). He has this regular interaction to build his trust. This is shown in the pictures above. Liz is pleased with his progress. On arrival Taz would never have stayed near your hands. Good boy Taz you got this.

PUPDATE November 2023 Taz is continuing to make progress, he is getting more comfortable with having you around in his kennel. This is a big step for this boy. When he arrived at BedsForBullies he wouldn't allow anyone anywhere near him. Time and patience is slowly but surely building Taz's confidence.

PUPDATE December 2023. Taz continues to improve with his interaction and trust. There are several people who have followed Taz's story from the beginning, they can see the change in his behaviour from the original footage that was shown when he was picked up as a stray. Looking forward to 2024 with Taz as he continues to move forward in a positive way.


PUPDATE February 2024: This special little lad is still moving along in the right way. Taz is far more comfortable having the people he recognises around him. He is keen to follow you around in an inquisitive way to see if you have his favourite gravy bones. He is willing to make contact with you but is still not keen on being touched. Albeit he does not show the immediate level of aggression previously seen, there is still an unhappy reaction. Liz continues to work with Taz to bring him round. 

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