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B4B Window Sticker

Outside option is also suitable for car bumpers, laptops, etc

Approx size 17cm x 14cm


One Sticker - Choice of six colors

How to apply:

1. Ensure window/surface is clean & dry

2. Carefully peel the white backing paper off the clear sticker - vinyl lettering/image should remain on the clear side (if not press the white & clear sheets together to reattach and re-peel)

3. Place full clear sticker & vinyl into required position

4. Rub vinyl lettering / image thoroughly through the clear sticker (using a credit card is ideal)

5. Carefully peel off the clear sticker - vinyl lettering / image should remain in place (if not, press the clear sticker back down and rub over lettering / image again; repeat)

Head over to the Facebook B4B Merchandise page for a demonstration

Window Sticker -B4B

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